Elopements Switzerland

Elopements Switzerland

Because how you get married matters

We help adventurous couples realising their unique dream elopement In Switzerland, europe and worldwide

and we document your elopement with photography and videography.

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Do you want to embark on a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, where each step is a celebration of your love and the world around you.
Your elopement is not just a ceremony and a photoshoot, it’s an invitation to make your love story an epic adventure that you will never forget.


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At Wild Souls United we understand that your love story is as unique as the landscapes that surround us. We are dedicated to co-planning personalised, one-of-a-kind adventure elopements and photography that reflect your wildest dreams and unique personalities
Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of a mountaintop ceremony, a lakeside exchange of vows, or an intimate gathering in a charming alpine chalet, we’re here to turn your wildest dreams into a reality. And love is love! Same sex, Lgbt-couples, coloured, small, big… you are all welcome!
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Switzerland elopements

Elopements Switzerland

Elopements Switzerland

My approach

Did you decide to ditch the big wedding?
As an elopement planning guide and photographer, my approach is far from turning your special day into a lengthy photoshoot. Instead, I focus on crafting unforgettable adventures and remarkable experiences for your most significant moments, and the epic photos will come automatically.

What sets me apart is my dedication to creating authentic, intimate, and memorable elopements. I understand that your elopement is more than just a photo session; it’s a pivotal moment in your life journey, a day filled with emotion, love, and significance. That’s why I prioritise capturing genuine moments and emotions over staged poses.

When you choose me as your elopement guide and photographer, you’re not just hiring someone to take pictures; you’re investing in a partner who will help you design a personalised and meaningful experience.

From scouting breathtaking locations to support in the planning the logistics and ensuring everything runs smoothly, I’m committed to making your elopement everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Whether you envision exchanging vows at the top of a majestic mountain peak, by a tranquil lakeside, or in a hidden forest glade, I’ll work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Together, we’ll create an adventure that reflects your love story and celebrates your unique connection.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind elopement experience that’s all about adventure, love, and creating cherished memories, I’m here to make it happen. Let’s turn your most important day into an unforgettable journey filled with joy, beauty, and meaning.



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“My husband and I are just returning from our Switzerland elopement and cannot sing Malin’s praises enough!

Our wedding was a last-minute add on to a pre-existing trip; Malin was flexible and jumped right into planning with less than three weeks from our date. Because I had been to Zermatt before and envisioned a simple day, I wasn’t sure initially whether we would need her assistance with planning. I am so very grateful that we ultimately relied on her expertise! Malin provided invaluable guidance that truly made our day come together beyond our expectations. She helped us choose Zermatt (over Verbier) as our wedding location, which provided a special element of charm. She assisted with helicopter planning through Air Zermatt, and was able to secure a wonderful mountain guide that provided an upbeat and entertaining tour of the area. It was clear through her interactions with the heli team that they enjoyed working with her, and they sought her input on planning our route and landing to ensure that we had the most exhilarating ride and photos. We flew so close to the Matterhorn it felt as though we could touch it! She also provided several ski options for day. Although we chose a more straightforward timeline, her expertise in this area was appreciated as it felt like we could craft any type of ‘big day’ we wanted.

Malin guided us to create a timeline that involved a tourist train to a mountain as our wedding ceremony backdrop instead of exchanging vows during the helicopter portion. This was perhaps the most impactful piece of advice she provided, because we were able to enjoy beautiful views and a relaxed private ceremony in relatively comfortable temperatures rather than rushing through a freezing exchange of vows on the higher mountain areas. We also were able to secure a chuppah and have a quick aperitif at a nearby hotel, which we loved.

Aside from planning, Malin went to great lengths to ensure that she captured every moment. We ended up taking an impromptu carriage ride and she sprinted all around the carriage for nearly the entire thing! Her documentary style was totally unintrusive. My groom was super concerned about having an elopement that ‘felt like a photo shoot,’ and he agreed that ours we anything but! Malin was a wonderful friend to have along for the day, and I felt like we relied on her guidance and reminders to enjoy each other even more than we would have without her, not less.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly- Malin’s photography is absolutely stunning! We have only received our ‘sneak peak’ so far and I feel like we already have more perfect photos than most do for their entire wedding day. Her skill is spectacular.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Malin! Our elopement was beyond anything we could have dreamed or wished for. With Love,

l & J


Ice cave elopement IN Zermatt

On the morning of R&H’s ice cave elopement in Zermatt, we faced the daunting possibility of having to reschedule due to unexpectedly worsening weather conditions. Our mountain guide conveyed a 50% chance that the helicopter might not be able to take off. Despite this uncertainty, the adventurous couple, R & H, made a bold decision to proceed and try.



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